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  • Beginner Workout

    What you will need: 3 lb + 8 lb weights, mini stability ball, counter or chair, mat

    Hilliard Studio Method's Beginner Workout helps you build a strong foundation whether you are new to fitness or new to Hilliard Studio Method. Safely master the basics to feel strong from the inside out. Instru...

  • Hot Flash Hottie

    What you will need: mat + 8 lb weights

    This workout is the Change you are looking for! Build bone density, strengthen your core, improve balance, and sculpt your body. This 40 minute proprietary Hilliard Studio Method workout will deliver results at any age.

  • Essential Healthy Back

    What you need: exercise mat

    Helps relieve back pain and strengthen your core.

  • Essential Plank + Push Ups

    What you need: exercise mat

    Step by step instruction for your best form.

  • Essential Glutes

    What you need: mini stability ball + exercise mat

    Lifts and tightens your seat.

  • Powerful Pregnancy

    What you will need: weights + mat

    Hilliard Studio Method® Powerful Pregnancy is an ideal workout for all, including expectant mothers. Develop chiseled arms, long lean legs, a strong core, a lifted seat and a sculpted and healthy back.